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Neech Loan Trust


Simple loans to get you started


Loan Conditions

You can apply for a loan of up to £5000 over 5 years.

You must be over 18 years old

You must be able to meet the repayments

You may be required to provide a guarantor (such as a parent or close relative, who agrees to repay the loan if you can't)

Your idea must be for a new business or a request for investment in a small, but profitable business looking for investment to expand.

Unfortunately, we are unable to help businesses that are experiencing cashflow problems 

Apply online by clicking on the 'Apply for a Loan' button above or by completing the form below and emailing it to


About Us

Neech Loans is a charitable trust which lends money to adults to help get their businesses started.

It was set up by Dr Neech in 1935, primarily to help people in the North Walsham area start Agricultural businesses.

We now provide loans of upto £5000 to new or start up businesses of any kind and also to those businesses that are already doing well but looking for some investment to expand, within 10 miles of North Walsham.

And over the past 60+ years, the Trust has given a helping to hundreds of successful businesses and even a few millionaires!

So whatever your idea get in touch with the Neech Loan Trust and see if we can help you be a success too! 


Example Loan Application

You can apply for a loan of upto £5000 over 5 years.
You must be able to meet the repayments
You may be required to provide a guarantor (such as a parent or close relative, who agrees to repay the loan if you don't)

Example Application:


Email address *

About You



Name *

John Smith

Your Address *

1 High Street

Postcode *

NR11 5AQ

Date of Birth *

Month: January

Day: 14 

Year: 1994 

Marital Status



Dependents *



How long have you resided in the Parishes of North Walsham, Tuttington, Skeyton, Colby and Banningham or within a 10 mile radius? *

17 years


If less than 3 years please give your previous address


Your Business

Please give details of your current or proposed business for which you are requesting a loan?

What is the name of your business *

John Smith Ltd

If this is an existing business please give the date that is was established

1 January 2007

What kind of business or trade are you proposing? *


Please give a brief description of your idea, business model or service you are planning to provide. *

Project Management


Have you conducted any market research? If you have please give some details.

Yes - lots of need in many businesses in the North Norfolk area


What is the address of the premises that you are in or propose to trade from?

1 High Street

Please give details of any business partners


How many employees do you currently have or do you envisage (in year 1)?



If you are or are proposing an agricultural, horticultural or livestock business what is the acreage of the land you will utilise?



What will you use the loan for? (e.g. rent, equipment purchase or leasing etc...)

Laptops and software




What is your total annual income?



Do you rent or own the land or premises? *

  •  Rent

  •  Own

  •  Other: 


If you are a tenant, what is the annual rent of the land or premises?


If you are an owner tenant, what is the value of the land or premises?



Is this your first application for a loan? *

  •  Yes

  •  No


What is the amount of loan you are requesting? (Maximum £5000) *



Do you have any money or property not associated with your business? *

  •  Yes

  •  No

If yes please give details

Do you have any life insurance policies for you or other people? *

  •  Yes

  •  No


If yes please give details


Have you ever been bankrupt, insolvent, made any deed of assignment, or any private arrangements with creditors? *

  •  Yes

  •  No


If yes please give details


Are you aware of any legal charges upon your possessions? *

  •  Yes

  •  No


If yes please give details


Are you at this time a guarantor for anyone?

  •  Yes

  •  No


If yes please give details


What is the total amount of business, household and private debts that you owe? Please include any hire purchases, lease or loan commitments. Please give details.


After payment of your debts (if any), please state how much you are worth under the following headings.

Please enter an amount in £s






Household Furniture




Other Assets






Are your assets insured? If so to what amount?


References and Declaration

Please give names and addresses of 2 persons from whom references may be obtained. Referees should not be related to you or have any financial interest in your application.


Reference 1: (name and contact details)


Reference 2: (name and contact details)



  •  YES

  •  NO